I came across Maggie, a stray, lost dog in 2007. Sweet and affectionate, she enjoyed sitting in my lap like she was a small dog! She followed me around the house and was a wonderful companion. She got along great with my three dogs, two cats, and my young daughter. She was already about 7 years old, which I knew would make it challenging to find her a home.

Eventually, I did find her a home that I thought was ideal. Unfortunately, two years later, I received a call from Home Again alerting me that someone had found her. When I spoke with the gentleman who had picked her up, he realized Maggie was his neighbor's and said the couple had divorced. He let me know that the wife had moved from Texas with the children, and they had left Maggie and another pet behind. The husband was leaving Maggie and her companion unattended in the backyard without food or water, and the neighbor had planned to take Maggie to the local Animal Control Shelter. Instead, I asked that she please be returned to my care.

I was heartbroken to see how much Maggie had aged. Before Maggie, I did not realize how quickly our pet’s can age in such a short time. In two years, her health and behavior had declined dramatically. Regardless, I would do my best to find her the home she deserved.

Five different families tried to either foster or adopt Maggie, but every time she was returned to me for problems I had never seen before, including aggressive behavior, seizures, separation anxiety and an inability to control her bladder. Through it all I worked with her and prayed for an answer.

After consulting with Dr O’Gorman, and the other trusted medical staff of Alliance Animal Health Center, I made the most difficult decision I have ever made in my more than 10 years of rescue. I made, what I felt, was the best decision for Maggie. I chose to humanely let her rest. I stayed with her till her last breath.  I sang her the songs I sing to comfort my daughter at night. I told her I was sorry. I prayed over her and told her she would never have to go from home to home anymore because she would have one home… in God's heaven. I lay next to her on the floor, petting her as she passed and I promised her that I would do all I could to save more animals in her honor.... in her name.

That day will forever be with me as will Maggie, my Angel.
Jennifer Limvorratre
Founder/Director of Maggie’s Angels

Who is Maggie?


Maggie's Angels

Maggie's Angels, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 animal rescue group in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.   We help spread the word for our pets in need and pets in other rescue groups in  the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  

Maggie's Angels was started in 2009 and all the animals we rescue are In Loving Memory of Maggie.  We hope she's proud of our accomplishments, along with so many more to come!

What is Maggie's Angels?