"One by one, they change our lives as we change theirs." 

Fostering saves lives.  Without fosters, we cannot exist.  Fostering takes so many excellent human qualities, such as commitment, drive, compassion & patience. Like humans, animals have their own personalities and health issues- from bottle feeding to injuries to behavioral issues, these innocent companions need the good people in this world to step forward & do GREAT things!  At Maggie's Angels, we strongly believe in the community & fellow rescues groups working together for the overall betterment of animal welfare.  If you are interested in fostering, please click on the button below to download the Foster Application, then scan the form back to maggies_angels@yahoo.com.  

 As A Community 

Maggie's Angels

Too many people give up on their pets because they truly do not understand their pets and lack the knowledge to have a healthy relationship with their pet.  This is where education & awareness are KEY!  We are always brainstorming ideas on how to raise awareness on responsible pet ownership & increase animal adoptions in order to help prevent the drastic number of animals being euthanized daily.  If you have any ideas, products (ex. handmade art, dog collars, etc.) or services (ex. pet behaviorist, groomer, photography, etc.), that can help this movement, please let us know.  As a community, we are a STRONGER team.  The stronger we are, the louder we can speak up for the animals in our community!